WaterWorks Marine is a full line service operation for the sale and installation of extruded vinyl interlocking seawall sheeting in and array of sizes and gauges to meet any exposed height requirements necessary for your needs. The product is available in several colors to meet those needs as well. 
The reason vinyl seawall has become so popular in such a short time is it will not rust. For the homeowner this is a big consideration. No rust shards injuring the kids, no rust stains on the wife's or girlfriends swimsuit. 
Our vinyl seawall sheeting is engineered to withstand the blistering heat of summer and still weather through  the coldest of winters. Vinyl seawalls have resolved some of the oldest problems of seawall installations in the past 50 years. Designed & engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment, it won't rust, splinter, rot, or leach harmful chemicals into the ground or water. It's attractive, functional and will add value to your lake/river front property. 
Many lakes are experiencing higher water tables than in previous years. With natural wind and waves, there's natural erosion taking place daily. Add to that, the increase number of wakeboard style boats, the erosion shorelines are experiencing is occurring at a staggering rate. Many people are unaware that once a shoreline erodes, it cannot be just filled back in. When it's gone, it's gone forever. The DEQ states that a seawall can be placed at the high waters edge of the existing shoreline. If you want to save your property then a seawall installation should be a top priority. Be assured your shoreline is protected from the ravages of the harsh marine environment. Get a seawall from WaterWorks Marine. 616-677-9970 . We offer Free estimates & consultation on all and any of your needs.