WaterWorks Marine can resolve your shoreline erosion with a Vinyl Interlocking Seawall. 
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WaterWorks Marine is offering a remarkable boat lift for           the discerning  lakefront property owner.             The NO PROFILE Boat Lifts are a platform design lift in capacities from 5000# to 50,000#. You can actually walk around your boat when it is raised. When used in a boat house, your boat is totally protected from the elements as well as theft. As an added bonus, the No Profile lifts have no parts in the water when the lift is raised. Our Michigan winters have no adverse effect on this lift. If you want the most uncluttered, attractive
lift available you want a No Profile Lift.

Our PolyDock Floating dock is becoming popular in our area. Durable, attractive and can be installed on your lake early in the season when water levels fluctuating in the spring. PolyDock Floating dock is the most stable floating dock we have found. Available in a number of sizes it  offers you the answer too fluctuating water levels and or muddy lake bottoms. If it's time for a new dock, give us a call. 616-677-9970

WaterWorks Marine would like to welcome you to our web site. Hopefully the information herein will help you in your research into seawalls, boat lifts  and dock systems. We now offer pond areation as a new service along with lake fans that move stagnant water, reducing algae and weeds. All our products are backed by our  professional service.

WaterWorks Marine has been in business for 36 years. Back in 1982, we began as a ski boat dealer and sold 2 lines of the most popular competition ski boats. As we came into the 90's, the introduction of vinyl seawalls made inroads to the needs of the residential lakeshore owner. WaterWorks Marine was a pioneer in the  realization that this new product held exemplary advantages for homeowner's on lakes and rivers and now offer a answer to their continual attempts to control shoreline erosion. As we evolved from a boat dealer to a shoreline specialist, our product lines changed to seawalls, boat lifts and dock systems. These three products interplay into what we like to refer to as "shoreline solutions". Our goal and the services we offer are intended to give you low maintenance, ease of use and maximize your free time to enjoy the things you enjoy most.
In 2018, our seawalls provide the  ultimate solution to shoreline erosion. Our seawalls also simplify lawncare maintenance and beautify your property. WaterWorks line of boat lifts will protect your boat from algae buildup & wave damage. Our array of docks are offered in many lengths & widths as well as deck surfaces to provide a choice of both appearance and function. 

As we look back over the past 36 years, we have fond memories of the products, services and people we have had contact with.  A number of our customer's have been with us for over 33 years and we continue to provide them with seasonal in/out service of their docks & boat lifts. For the future, we look forward to meeting new customers; to continue to improve the environment and make life a little more comfortable for both our current and future customers. If you are new to our website, take a moment to look through the heading pages and learn more about us. If you are a potential "New Customer" we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting our WebSite. 

Springtime. It's just around the corner. The golf & boat shows are over and now is the best time plan for that new Boat Lift, Dock or accessories you have been thinking about. We have many items that can add function, safety and usefulness to your boat lift and/or dock. Maybe it's a replacement vinyl canopy cover; a motor assist unit to easily raise or lower your boat on the lift. Maybe it's time for a ladder on your dock or a drive on DockPort for your PWC. We also have an assortment of dock lighting to make getting around the dock safer and act as a theft deterrent. These lights are LED solar powered so they self contained, no wires necessary!
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A new seawall installation with our Mini Excavator and Pneumatic driver. The result? A professionally driven wall to assure you a lifetime of service.
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