WaterWorks Marine offers shrink-wrapping of sailboats with mast up or down..
Shrink-wrapping costs average $15.75 per lineal ft. for run-a-bouts 21' and under. Sailboats with masts up can run in the range of $24.00 to $29.50 a lineal ft. Free quotes are available for the asking. Ketchs & multi masts may cost 30% - 40% additional. Please call for quotes. 
We can also shrink wrap camper trailers, RV's, small boats, PWC and just about anything else you can think of. The most cost efficient are products brought to our facility, however, we can provide you on-site service at a slight additional cost.
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WaterWorks Marine will no longer be performing any type of winterization on any type of boat. In addition we have discontinued all storage of products and vessels through the season.

Shrink wrapping will be limited to boats trailered to us, pre winterized and left for a maximum of 2 days before picked up and removed from our facility. We do not offer any long term storage.
Thank you 
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