Steel - Stone / Rock & Bio Seawalls
Steel Seawall Sheeting 
Steel has a long history of use as a seawall material. It's use in industrial applications goes back many years. Strong & reliable, steel is still the favorite for commercial & industrial applications and still favored by some homeowner's. Benefits of steel are the strength of the material and it's resilience to the elements. The drivability of steel is excellent and in some soils its the best choice to use. The primary disadvantage to steel in a residential use is that it will rust & can develop steel shards that can cut skin and swimwear.
Stone & Rock Seawalls
Also known as Rip/Rap
The use of broken chunks of limestone or fieldstone are commonly used to create a "natural look" to produce a means of shoreline erosion control. On the plus side, both of these materials offer a very natural look with limestone being the more economical of the two materials. The disadvantage of both these materials is they accumulate debris, are difficult to walk on or over and will require maintence over time as the rock will settle and require placement of additional material over time. The Department of Natural Resources now requires some Rip Rap to be placed lakeward of our Steel & Vinyl seawalls.  
WaterWorks is now offering Bio Vegatative shoreline control. This is the most natural means of controlling erosion. There are some limitations if severe wave action is present but we will be happy to discuss all options best suited for your specific needs.
With thousands of feet of seawall material having been installed by us, we will be happy to assist you in your deciding what material is best suited for your specific need.
Are there materials you should not consider using?
Yes there are. Our experience in the field has shown thatWOOD & CONCRETE ARE NOT THE BEST CHOICES.   Wood rots, splinters & is difficult to hold together while concrete eventually cracks, settles and has in a number of cases, pushed out or tipped over after time. With proper materials and knowlegable installation, a seawall will provide many years of shoreline protection to your property. 
                                            You should expect nothing less.
Shown here is a combination Vinyl Sheeting & Fieldstone. This design concept offers a natural look and functional use. A composite vinyl deck was added behind the vinyl sheeting & around the boatwell providing great use of the shoreline.
 Steel Seawall Sheeting. If       rust is not a concern steel      makes a great seawall.
 Steel sheeting can work great   if arc's & radius are needed.
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