WaterWorks Marine has installed thousands of feet of interlocking vinyl seawall in the past 28 years. This incredible material is not only attractive, it withstands the harsh environment it's subjected too. Resilient to ice, the sun's ultraviolet rays and corrosion, it will not rust, rot or separate, and it's impervious to anything and everything. 

Environmentally safe, vinyl interlocking seawalls do not emit any chemicals or residue into the air or water. Increased property value will likely offset the initial installation costs and lawn maintenance will be reduced considerably.
We also install steel seawall sheeting as well as rock rip rap.

Features complimenting your new seawall can make your shoreline even more functional. The addition of boardwalks, decks, terraces and special lighting options open a variety of possibilities.

Free estimates and consultation are available. Give us a call today to better understand how our seawalls will control your shoreline erosion problems for a lifetime.                                     
    Contact us at: info@waterworksmarine.com

Vinyl Seawalls
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250' of S550 seawall sheeting. This shoreline was un-useable prior to the installation of this seawall. 
Walkway to synthetic decking material placed behind seawall.  Utilize your shoreline with decks & boardwalks.
Seawall with double ourside wale. In cases where a tall exposed seawall is constructed, double wales are needed.
Below are some photos of Rose's Restaurant located on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids, MI
Above is the shoreline before work began. The design of the seawall was to follow the arc of the existing shoreline.
A backview of the seawall. The sheeting; inside & outside walers now in place. The next stage is to install the anchor rods, top cap and finally backfill.
Still under construction, this shows the seawall from the lakeside. Outside return waler still needs to be put in place. This wall was designed with several arcs.
All our joints on outside walers are connected by aluminum spanner plates for added strength and appearance.
The "Deck" is closed for he winter. The extreame effects of snow and ice have no effect on our vinyl sheeting.
We invite you to stop out to Rose's on Reeds Lake and take a first hand look at this completed project. While you're there, plan to also enjoy a great meal.
Here in the Summer, people enjoy a meal at Rose's right on the waters edge. Our Seawall installation in this case, increased the usable seating area while offering a spectactular view of Reeds Lake.  
This photo shows the 3/4" anchor rod which is a very important part of any seawall. You also see our aluminum spanner plate. This plate connects the end of abutting outside walers increasing strength while improving appearance.
Vinyl seawall with fieldstone rip rap
New seawall in front of old concrete wall. Anchor rods in place. Ready for backfill.
TruLine smooth surface vinyl seawall with aluminum top cap.
Vinyl seawall sheeting makes an excellent & attractive retaining wall.
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