Aluminum PWC Lift
LakeShore, 1000 lb. Manual lift. Cantilever  Personal WaterCraft lift. This is a heavy duty lift that can be used for PWC or small boats. Inside width 56". Lift height 48"   $575.00

*Costs for delivery & installation will be figured on mileage & ease of access to shoreline.

Aluminum Steps with handrail. ShoreStation brand
Great for shorelines with seawalls.
Can attach directly to a seawall or the end of a dock.

Assorted dock legs from 3' to 10' lengths - 2" dia. 
​Bottom pads also available.

Alum. stringers. You add wood decking to make dock. 10' L
    LakeShore products brand extruded aluminum stringers. Make you own dock with        any 5/4 decking material. Treated wood or cedar decking.

​Short cut-off lengths of seawall sheeting 12" to 30".
  Great for edging around flowers or any type of bordering.
  Pre-Owned Lifts / Docks / Etc.